Tiny Tusks is a new character based brand born out of a love for Elephants, their habitats and a desire to help make a difference to their lives.

Aditi Elephant

Our gorgeous pink Asian elephant ADITI with her cheeky wink was the first member of our family. Her name means 'Earth', 'Boundless' and 'Free'. Aditi represents Asian elephants.



Introducing our very own Pink Chillies App

Introducing our very own Pink Chillies App

Pink Chilies the HOT new App kids love and the Planet does too!

Its here the exciting new App from Pink Chillies guaranteed to keep those little fingers busy all summer and beyond making education fun!

Pink Chillies partnered with Playrific, publishers of popular childrens apps for leading and emerging brands, to bring the Pink Chillies elephants to digital life.

Enter the magical and loveable world of Pink Chillies.

Meet Etana the elephant and the rest of the Pink Chillies family, discover their magical powers, find out what makes them special, build puzzles, test your memory with our fantastic memory game and get lost in hours of fun with our simple 3-match game – join them on an Apptastic adventure for ages 4 years plus.

“Were delighted that Pink Chillies will come to life on this key platform, while also moving into a wider market”.

Suzanne Till, Founding Director said “Were delighted that Pink Chillies will come to life on this key platform, while also moving into a wider market”.

Every member of the growing Pink Chillies Family has a special power and helps kids learn more about nature and the environment we all share. Today the planet we live on faces many environmental challenges and threats to endangered species. At Pink Chillies we believe that its important to teach our children about these challenges and how our behaviour can help reduce the impact of these threats. This subject now forms part of our schools curriculum and we feel that the Pink Chillies Family can help our children with these topics in a fun and engaging way.

Download for free and start the adventure today.

Available on apple devicesandriod devices and also Kindle devices

To celebrate the launch of our lovable new App we have 5 sets of Pink Chillies friends to give away!

To get your hands on your very own Aditi, Etana, Snaedis, Ervin, Yara, Harmony and Da Hong simply enter at our Facebook page www.facebook.com/PinkChilliesUK and follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/pinkchilliesuk

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Our adorable family is constantly growing, you wont be able to resist collecting them all...
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