Tiny Tusks is a new character based brand born out of a love for Elephants, their habitats and a desire to help make a difference to their lives.

Aditi Elephant

Our gorgeous pink Asian elephant ADITI with her cheeky wink was the first member of our family. Her name means 'Earth', 'Boundless' and 'Free'. Aditi represents Asian elephants.



25cm Aditi Plush Toy25cm Aditi Plush Toy Aditi | Plush Toys
25cm Etana Plush Toy25cm Etana Plush Toy Etana | Plush Toys
25cm Snaedis Plush Toy25cm Snaedis Plush Toy Lumi | Plush Toys
25cm Yara Plush Toy25cm Yara Plush Toy Yara | Plush Toys
25cm Ervin Plush Toy25cm Ervin Plush Toy Ervin | Plush Toys
25cm Kondo Plush Toy25cm Kondo Plush Toy Kondo | Plush Toys
25cm Harmony Plush Toy25cm Harmony Plush Toy Harmony | Plush Toys
Makshi Plush ToyMakshi Plush Toy Yara | Plush Toys
Raymondo Plush ToyRaymondo Plush Toy Kondo | Plush Toys
25cm Dahong Plush Toy25cm Dahong Plush Toy Dahong | Plush Toys
13cm Aditi Elebank13cm Aditi Elebank Aditi | Elebanks
13cm Etana Elebank13cm Etana Elebank Etana | Elebanks
13cm Snaedis & Asha Elebank13cm Snaedis & Asha Elebank Lumi | Elebanks
13cm Kondo & Raymundo Elebank13cm Kondo & Raymundo Elebank Kondo | Elebanks
13cm Ervin & Kai Elebank13cm Ervin & Kai Elebank Ervin | Elebanks
13cm Yara & Makshi Elebank13cm Yara & Makshi Elebank Yara | Elebanks
A6 Aditi Spiral Bound NotebookA6 Aditi Spiral Bound Notebook Aditi | Stationery
A6 Etana Spiral Bound Notebook - NewA6 Etana Spiral Bound Notebook - New Etana | Stationery
A6 Snaedis & Asha Spiral Bound NotebookA6 Snaedis & Asha Spiral Bound Notebook Lumi | Stationery
A6 Kondo & Raymundo Spiral Bound NotebookA6 Kondo & Raymundo Spiral Bound Notebook Kondo | Stationery
Aditi Badges 2 AsstdAditi Badges 2 Asstd Aditi | Fashion
42cm Aditi Drawstring Bag - Pink42cm Aditi Drawstring Bag - Pink Aditi | Fashion
10cm Aditi Plush Bag Clip10cm Aditi Plush Bag Clip Aditi | Fashion
7.5cm Aditi Pocket Mirror7.5cm Aditi Pocket Mirror Aditi | Fashion
Etana Badges 2 AsstdEtana Badges 2 Asstd Etana | Fashion
10cm Etana Plush Bag Clip10cm Etana Plush Bag Clip Etana | Fashion
Snaedis & Asha Pocket MirrorSnaedis & Asha Pocket Mirror Lumi | Fashion
10cm Snaedis Plush Bag Clip10cm Snaedis Plush Bag Clip Lumi | Fashion
Da Hong Elephant Wall ClockDa Hong Elephant Wall Clock Dahong | Clocks
Yara Elephant Wall ClockYara Elephant Wall Clock Yara | Clocks


Our adorable family is constantly growing, you wont be able to resist collecting them all...
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